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What We Do

CIT GROUP; Criminal Investigations Training Group has designed training courses strictly for certified Law Enforcement Professionals and Crime Scene Investigatiors from around the world. CIT GROUP; Criminal Investigations Training Group instructors have extensive years of experience in their field. 


Training courses can be designed for your specific group by request. Contact us for details and additional information.

$950.00 pp

Miami, Florida. Location: Miami Gardens, Florida

Register today!! See flyer for details. Confirmed!

February 12-16, 2024"

Cape Coral Police Department UPDATE NEW DATE "Confirmed!!!"

October 28- November 1, 2024 please email with interest to attend the course to Fred Ponce. please send name, email and cell numbers to save a seat while your agency approves you or pay here online. 

Course Flyer

Please Fill out this Registration Form (Click here) to save a seat for the class while getting approved for the Cape Coral Class. Also, if you are paying for a class now.


In a five day, 40 hour course, Investigators will familiarize themselves with all aspects of Homicide Investigations that include and are not limited the crimes scene preservation, analysis of the crime scene, coordination of collection of evidence, coordination and working with crime scene investigators, the follow up investigation, establish and identify tool mark impressions to injuries and the crimes scene, manners of death and causes of death, procedures to investigate suicides, accidental deaths and natural deaths, coordination with the medical examiners office, interviews and interrogation, search warrants and arrest warrants, the preparation of the homicide case file, court room presentation, testifying in a homicide case at trial, preparation for depositions, coordination and follow up investigations with the prosecutors office. in addition to practical exercises of mock crime scene scenario. 

Bones, Bones & more Bones

Anthropology experts bring more than 300 bones from body farm laboratory. Can you identify bones from human to non-human? Challenge!!

$459.00 pp 

The Interviews and Interrogations 40 hour course prepares investigators for interviews of witnesses, victims and offenders. The non aggressive method concentrating on building rapport and other techniques, investigators are taught pre-during and post offender crime scene behavior and victimology on gathering facts in preparation for their interviews. The course is hands on in classroom practicums. This course is a pre-requisite for the three day advanced course.

Basic Criminal Investigations
$475.00 pp

In a five-day, 40 hours course, investigators will familiarize themselves in procedures with conducting general investigations in the fields of Assault cases, Robberies, Burglaries, Special Victims Sexual Battery cases, Introduction to Interrogations, Case Preparation and Court Presentations. Investigators will also be involved in practical scenarios in Crime Scene analysis. Investigators will also be introduced in procedures to write and serve search warrants as well as arrest warrants

Miami, Florida

LOCATION: City of Miami Gardens Police Department

February 27-March 3, 2023


In a five day 40 hour course, investigators will be involved in multiple days of analysis of Crime Scene scenarios including and not limited to Homicide Scenes, Vehicle Searches, Home Searches, Blood Spatter, lifting of fingerprints, DNA swabbing, Photography, Evidence Collection, Crime Scene Sketching, logging and reporting of the Crime Scene. All of the Instructors are graduates of the National Forensic Academy

For specific group, please send me an email in my Contacts page so we can coordinate and schedule a date.

 SOLD OUT!! Miami, Florida! Location: Miami Police Department
July 11th - July 22nd, 2022
The two-week course instructed by Miami Homicide Investigator, Medical Examiners, and Prosecutors covers areas of causes and manners of death case studies, interviews and interrogations, Crime Scene Investigations, Blood Pattern Analysis, Homicide Investigations, and legal procedures to investigations in preparation for prosecution. Please forward Emails for inquiries for groups or training in your agency. The American Board of Medicolegal Death Investigators has accredited CITGROUP Death Investigations Training Course for all attendees to receive 76 ABMDI credit hours. The International Association for Identification (IAI) has authorized CITGROUP to issue 80 IAI credit hours for Crime Scene Certification and Recertification.


Advanced Interviews and Interrogations 
$375.00 pp

SOLD OUT! Miami, Florida,
Location: City of Miami Police Department Training Center
February 6-8, 2023

The 40 hour Interviews and Interrogation course is a requirement prior to taking the Advanced Interrogation course. The Advanced Interrogation course focuses on the skills already learned and refines the students techniques and includes additional methods for successful closure of cases. The course includes interrogation cases studies, as well as, offender behavior and victimology.

Case Preparation and Court Presentation

SOLD OUT! Florida Keys, Florida
Location City of Miami Police Training Center
September 11th-15th, 2023

The 40hr Case Preparation and Court Presentation course is instructed by prosecutors and investigators experts in their fields. The attendees will prepare for all aspects of case management in working with the prosecutors office and their presentation in court proceedings. The attendees will be instructed on how to respond to depositions and at court hearings. In addition they will learn aspects of criminal law and procedures.

Criminal Law
$459.00 pp
SOLD OUT! Miami, Florida
Location: City of Miami Police Department Training Center
August 1st-5th, 2022

The 40r Criminal Law course is instructed by State Prosecutors in areas of Constitutional Law, State statutes, major case crime charges and procedures. The attendees will be involved in preparation and writing arrest and search warrants during their practicums. In addition, attendees will follow case studies and apply the charges according to the case. 

Events in Miami

Checkout whats happening in Miami while you are training in sunny Miami, Florida. Enjoy entertainment and other events. Click the button below

Refund Policy


A month prior to the course, the registrant may cancel and receive 100% refund or replace their spot with another name. Two weeks prior to the course, the registrant may be replaced by another name, but there will be no refunds. In the event that the cancelation is on the part of CITGROUP, the course may be rescheduled for another date and offer the opportunity for the registrant to receive credit and attend the future dated course or the registrant has the option to receive 100% refund.

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