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CIT GROUP is totally focused on providing Law Enforcement Professionals with quality training.

CIT Group; Criminal Investigations Training Group goal is to deliver training to Law Enforcement Professionals world wide so they can reach their fullest potential and maintain consistent never ending persistence in seeking the truth. CIT Group provides investigators with the tools and guidance to sharpen their skills in solving cases. Our intention is to train investigators in the fields of Homicide Investigations, Crime Scene Investigations, Criminal Investigations, Interviews and Interrogations, Court Room Presentation, Organized Case File Preparation and Documentation of the Criminal Investigators Report of Investigation. The study of Miranda Rights Law and its application to interrogations, Search Warrants and Arrest Warrants. In addition to other related Law Enforcement courses. 

CIT GROUP Investigative Consultants, as a division of Criminal Investigations Training Group, provide consultancy investigative services for police agencies around the world. We specialize in Homicide Investigations as well as other violent crimes investigations. Consultants are experts in, Crime Scene Investigations, Crime Scene Reconstruction, Blood Spatter evidence, Forensic Photography, Interviews and Interrogations and Major Case Management. Please see the Consultant page tab.

CIT Group Criminal Investigations Training Group is headed by

Dr. Freddy Ponce, PhD, an experienced Homicide Investigator at the City of Miami Police Department; Instructor for the City of Miami Police Department Training Center and City of Miami Police Academy, Currently an International instructor that has been contracted by the US Embassy, INL Section in Brasilia, Brazil throughout different cities in Brazil.


With over 25 years of experience in Criminal Investigations, Interviews and Interrogations, and Homicide Investigations, Dr. Ponce has been involved in the investigation of hundreds of Homicide Investigations cases and has interviewed thousands of witnesses. He has been successful in interrogating hundreds of suspects and obtaining confessions that have led to the truth and their convictions.


He has worked as Homicide Investigator for 15 years and a member of The City of Miami Police Department for over 20 years. His assignments and duties are not limited to being the lead investigator and responsible for the management of homicide murder investigations, suicides, accidental deaths, and natural deaths in addition to attempted murder and violent assaults cases. In the process of his duties, Dr. Ponce has closely monitored and coordinated all aspects of evidence collection by crime scene technicians processing at crime scenes, evaluated, coordinated, and identified evidence of value to be sent and processed at the crime lab for any forensic analysis. Dr. Ponce has worked closely with the medical examiner's office and has attended hundreds of autopsies.  He has coordinated with the State Attorneys Office, worked with the prosecutors assigned to the criminal prosecution of homicide cases, and assisted with the continuing investigation of homicide cases in preparation for trials.


In addition, Dr. Ponce has worked alongside other law enforcement agencies investigating homicides and other violent crimes; Agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigations, Drug Enforcement Administration, Interpol, Secret Service, United States Marshalls, Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Miami-Dade Police Department Homicide Unit and several other law enforcement agencies throughout the United States. He has worked in the past as a private investigator and in the field of loss preventions employee theft investigations. Dr. Ponce also served honorably in the United States Navy.


Dr. Ponce is a certified Instructor by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. He has instructed Training Seminars on Criminal Investigations, Homicide Investigations, Interviews and Interrogations to other Law Enforcement Investigators from other agencies throughout Miami Dade County. He has also taught at the City of Miami Police Department Police Academy.


Dr. Ponce has traveled to several cities in Brazil at the request of the U.S. Embassy in Brasilia, Brazil with official status instructing the Military Police and Civil Police Homicide division in Homicide Investigations as well as Interview and Interrogations courses. Recent assignments to Sao Paulo, Brazil and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Recife, Brazil, Aracaju, Brazil, Natal, Rio Grande, Brazil.  Dr. Ponce has also had the opportunity to instruct the Colombian National Police force of Bogota, Colombia 


Several of Dr. Ponce's cases have been recognized and profiled nationwide and in other countries in documentaries on The First 48 A&E Channel, After The First48 on the A&E Channel, CNN with Dr. Sanjay Gupta; Anatomy of a Murder, and COPS Fox Channel. 

Dr. Ponce received his bachelors degree in Organizational Leadership from St. Thomas University and a Masters Degree in Forensic Psychology from Nova Southeastern University, and he obtained his Doctrorate degree in Behavioral Science and Criminal Justice at Nova Southeastern University.



International Homicide Investigators Association

International Police Association

National Forensic Academy

American Academy of Forensic Sciences

L.E.O. (2015) winner for investigations with partners Fernando Bosch, Carlos Castellanos, and Rolando Garcia.


Freddy Ponce
Owner CIT Group; Criminal Investigations Training Group

2015 LEO Award Winner for Investigations

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